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Bid/Ask: - / - Setiap hari range: 2.9363/2.8898 52 minggu: - Harga penutup terlebih dahulu 2.9265 Harga pembukaan 2.9006
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XAUUSDe 1808.75 1809.03 0.1 +0.54%
XAGUSDe 19.225 19.266 0.1 +2.80%
XAUEURe 1587.62 1588.15 0.2 -0.19%
XAGEURe 16.799 16.987 0.1 +2.09%
XPDUSDe 1970.15 1976.87 1.4 +0.11%
XPTUSDe 829.90 832.31 0.5 +1.13%
CUCUSDe 2.92700 2.93170 0.1 +0.53%

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An exotic financial instrument rarely used by traders. CUC stands for the convertible version of the peso, Cuba’s national currency, also known as “cooks” among locals. Originally this currency was designed as an alternative to the dollar, to be used by tourists and diplomatic officials. CUC is pegged 1:1 to the American dollar.
Today, CUC/USD is traded on many exchanges, its key element is the Cuban peso. The asset’s quotes are amenable to technical analysis. Several moving averages with different time periods can help find the best entry point. However, fundamental analysis is also necessary. Changes in the price of the Cuban peso can be triggered by the country’s monetary policy, employment levels, GDP, inflation, political situation in the region, and many other factors.


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23:30 14.07.20     USA API Weekly Crude Oil Stock API Weekly Crude Oil Stock 2.000M
01:45 15.07.20     New Zealand Visitor Arrivals (MoM) Visitor Arrivals (MoM) -98.9%
02:00 15.07.20     Japan Reuters Tankan Index (Jul) Reuters Tankan Index (Jul) -46
03:00 15.07.20     Australia HIA New Home Sales (MoM) HIA New Home Sales (MoM) -4.2%
03:30 15.07.20     Australia Westpac Consumer Sentiment (Jul) Westpac Consumer Sentiment (Jul) 6.3%
06:00 15.07.20     Japan BoJ Outlook Report (YoY) BoJ Outlook Report (YoY)
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