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Bid/Ask: - / - Setiap hari range: 16.6890/16.2890 52 minggu: - Harga penutup terlebih dahulu 16.5060 Harga pembukaan 16.5440
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XAUUSDe 1809.85 1810.20 0.1 +0.08%
XAGUSDe 18.701 18.750 0.1 +0.03%
XAUEURe 1603.93 1604.72 0.2 +0.54%
XAGEURe 16.506 16.696 0.1 +0.48%
XPDUSDe 1934.85 1943.63 1.8 +1.20%
XPTUSDe 835.30 839.07 0.8 -1.08%
CUCUSDe 2.84640 2.85060 0.1 +0.92%

Harga dan carta semasa (XAGEURe) online.

Profit from the price movement XAGEURe . Buka akaun trading, membuat deposit dan mendapatkan bonus 40%.

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Silver is traded on exchanges as XAG. As this instrument, the precious metal is traded against one of the most liquid currencies, the euro. The price moves upwards when silver becomes cheaper, while the euro more expensive. It’s rather natural, since currency and precious metals have a negative correlation. The basics of technical analysis are required to make profit from this instrument.
Build your strategy around the intraday trading principle. Some investors prefer analyzing the price movement using the D1 chart. Standard indicators present in MetaTrader and other popular terminals are sufficient for the technical analysis: Parabolic, Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD. Candlestick patters are also useful here, as they allow to determine the reversal points with negligible error.


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18:30 10.07.20     ZAF Business Confidence Business Confidence 77.8
19:00 10.07.20     USA WASDE Report WASDE Report
20:00 10.07.20     USA U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count U.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count 263
20:00 10.07.20     USA U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count U.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count 185
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